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    Your pricing will be competitive year round. Our eyes are always on the market and we have many tools and contract structures to insure quick reaction to market changes that benefit the members.

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    TOYSA has been a leading logistics voice in the shipping industry since 1990. Our association’s success lies in our reputation, experience, influence and results.

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    Our primary goal is to provide savings and be a voice for the shipper. Revenue is used to pay operational costs and the remainder is refunded back to the membership.
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    You may receive lower rates from other providers, but it’s likely that you won’t find their overall package to be as consistent and stable as TOYSA’s. TOYSA's savings are not short term as the stability in our rates provide longterm savings.
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    Customer service has always been our primary focus and we take great pride in ensuring that our members receive the same level of consistent service on a daily basis. We do this by staying true to our core belief that TOYSA was founded for the benefit of the members.
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